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    Common Questions and Answers

    1. What means balancing pH?

    It means to establish the acidity and alkaline levels of the different parts of the body kfor example, the most common problem people face is the dandruff caused by the unbalance of  the pH levels on the skin of the head.

    2. Can different parts of my body have different levels of the pH?

    Yes , it’s easy to observe how our skin is different in different areas.

    3. How does it Help to have my body pH balance?

    When the pH is balanced the chances to get Viruses or Bacterias which are the cause of the major sickness disappear,  creating a healthy and energetic body.

    4. Do I need to stop taking my meds while balancing my pH?

    No, eventually once the Doctor notices that you no longer have symptoms, you will be released from it.

    5. Are there any side effects after a therapy session?

    Yes, depending on How affected or how many areas of your body is affected in order to have a possible Healing Crisis, this is not common, but some people experience some discomfort the next day only one day, the recovery can take between two to seven days. 

    6. How old do I need to be , to have a session?

    Any age is welcome.

    7. What other benefits do I get with a session?

    Most of the time people don’t realize about emotions in the organs taking away the energy of them, so thru a session this problem /
     get fixed. 

    8. How often is it recommended to have a session?

    Since we sometimes eat fast food or too much sweets, it is recommendable to balance the pH every two or three months.

    9. Do I need to be sick to have a session?

    Its better to have it to prevent being sick, so it’s a preventative non-invasive care

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