Feel as Light as a Feather

Get  your Emotions Clean, We Have so Many Emotions from  Womb Time  Through Years that make Us Slaves Instead of Lords  of your Emotion.

Using SAAMA we acces to all the emotions including those from the whom time that can affect a lot the behavior of individuals.

Feel as light as a feather .

Train your thoughts , improve your health.

The human being body is 60 % water, when something affect us emotionally, we tent to change the molecular constitution of our internal water , which make a difference by creating blockages in our natural sources of energy, called chakras which are the main sources of internal power within the different areas of the body, when this is blocked for a long time, it start developing illnesses, this illness at the beginning are just sensations, later on they get to turn into a Symptoms which can be detected easily by the doctors since now we are talking about changes in our blood .

The Body can feel Stronger or weaker depending on the emotional state, so using a variety of techniques such as Bradley, Dr. Goiz and SAAMA , we get to be able to free trap emotions from the different parts of the body.

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